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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obama issues an Executive Order; Americans to wear Salwar Kameez

Chicago, March 31, 9.15Pm: In light of the recent semi-final cricket match between India and Pakistan, President Obama of the United States was highly encouraged by the camaraderie, exhibited by the leaders and peoples of both countries of South Asia. To celebrate this normalization of the relations between the two countries, President of the United States, declared that every American should wear Salwar Kameez dress in the next twenty-four hours. When asked by a confused Washington inside-the-beltway reporter, “what’s the point of this? I thought we were here for briefing on Libyan Crisis” President Obama explained, that within the context of multilateralism policy, showing gratitude towards both countries, will promote peace and harmony between the nations and he further elaborated his point that by doing these small gestures by Americans, we can decrease the billions of foreign aid and thus lower the tax rates for the American people. Another reporter asked, “Mr. President, where would Americans find Salwar Kameez dresses?” Mr. Obama replied during his recent trip to South America, after having lengthy debates with his staff on all the crisis in Japan, Libya, growing protests in Middle East and other important policy issues towards South America, he took a five minute break and surfed the net. He came across a Salwar kameez Boutique website that reminded him of his days as a young student when he used to visit Karachi, Pakistan. According to him, this website had very elegant dresses. He said, he showed to Michelle and she asked him with the excitement in her eyes “Mr. President, you have to buy me this dress when we visit Pakistan, this year” He replied “No, Mrs. President, you can click right here and get it and its cheap, too” President added that he promised Michelle that during their upcoming visit to Pakistan, he would definitely take a stroll on Mall Road to show her how much Pakistan has improved. He was referring to the website with its vibrant and elegant, yet affordable, dresses by Zoya’s Collection Boutique.

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